#You would like to be accompanied by a lawyer on the subject of Housing Rights (inventory, rent and charges, return of the security deposit and others) 

Lawyer - Housing Law - Representations at the Tribunal Administratif du Logement provides advice and support in all your legal disputes relating to housing law.


Lawyer - Housing Law - Fee Schedule

The amounts listed below cover our services with the exception of hearings. Either: the analysis of the case, the appearance, the search for the legislative provisions and the applicable jurisprudence, the preparation of a strategy and the negotiation with the adverse party.

- Termination for non-payment of rent: 499.00$
- Termination for frequent delays: 599.00$
- Termination for housing unfit for habitation: 799.00$
- Termination of lease for other reasons: 799.00$
- Major repairs: 799.00$
- Revocation of judgment: 599.00$
- Review of a decision of a special registrar of the Tribunal du Logement: 799.00$
- Abandonment of the dwelling or removal of the tenant: 599.00$
- Modification of a condition of the lease: 599.00$
- Resumption of the parking space: 499.99$


- Housing Recovery: 799.00$
- Rent reduction: 699.00$
- Increase of rent: 499.00$
- Harassment towards the tenant: 899.00$
- Noises and disturbances of neighborhood: 799.00$
- Troubles and disadvantages: 699.00$
- Opposition to expulsion: 799.00$
- Permission to Appeal to the Court of Québec: 799.00$
- Appeal to the Court of Québec: 799.00$
- Application for Review in Superior Court: 899.00$